The value of learning

Great employees deserve great solutions, but to get the maximum of your Odoo the learning is essential.

How can we increase the ROI of your Odoo journey?

    Learning is natural. We begin to learn before we are born. The wonderment of childhood comes in largely because of the excitement that comes with learning. What happens to the excitement and what value do we put on learning?

     Instead of leaving the employees to use old school processes, the digital transformation can unlock thinking and creativity. Let us work together to change the world by retiring the habit of just passing on information. Thinking and creativity will find solutions to the challenges we face, not ticking a box on an MCQ answer sheet, writing a single essay with no opportunity to defend arguments through a number of iterations, or presenting a single talk channelling all of their creativity into using a canned theme for impact.

    We can do this. Together.

Train the trainer

Over the years, train the trainer has consistently been one of the most popular programmes of many learning centres. The value is unique as the future trainer is a power user and/or subject matter expert and/or has a management function within the customer organisation. The whole knowledge and skill gained through the course can be delivered via the prism of the sector and business specifics to his/her colleagues. 

How can we train a team of trainers?

If you have a number of candidates for Train the Trainer bundle, we offer tailored, in-company solutions.

We come to your location, on a date that works for your schedule. This is a great way to train many of your team at once, while benefitting from a customised approach.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


We can provide you with pre-recorded videos and manuals for almost all the applications. It is free and recommended step for the first time users. Always is good to combine it with a demo environment. 

Personalised, spot-on sessions

Scheduled on-site training sessions.

  • Identical user pattern groups - functional

  • Individual user - functional

  • Specific Odoo module - capabilities, functions and settings

  • Business management what-if scenarios

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