Support services

Focus on your values. We will do the rest.

Our aim is to make your employees fantastic at their jobs via integrated and automated Odoo solutions. 
We believe IT should be considered a fundamental part of any business plan, enabling an organisation to grow and improve. The technology stack available to clients in this digital era can be overwhelming, so we go further than simply offering IT Support. Our fully managed Odoo services deliver an all encompassing strategic IT partnership.

IT infrastructure for Odoo

After the initial discovery and following the business strategy we can implement your Odoo solution. It can be a single VM or a set of tiered applications with load balancers, app servers and clustered DBs. Optional DR. The access can be directly over the internet or via a secured tunnel. Wherever it goes and whatever the scale is we can support the infrastructure:

  • public clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP)

  • any preferred hosting provider

  • your DC or server room

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Security hardening

We apply a minimum set of measures, not only to cover the compliance requirements but to ensure the risks are mitigated.

On top of the standard OS and specific services security hardening, we can add:

  • Access based on the location of the requests

  • AD integration

  • Dual factor authentication 

  • Web application firewall

  • DDoS attacks protection

  • Bot management

Odoo administration

  • 24/7 infrastructure monitoring

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance

  • Automated updates & patch management

  • Managed local and remote backups

  • Bespoke preventative ransomware protection

  • 3rd party supplier management (for any technology not provided by us)

  • Monthly reporting for complete transparency

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Odoo users support

  • Service Desk support by tel, email, shared screen sessions

  • Scheduled onsite visits