About Odoo

More than an ERP

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5 Million+ users

Grow their business with Odoo

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs:

  • CRM

  • eCommerce

  • Accounting

  • Inventory

  • Point of sale

  • Project management

  • Sales

  • HR

  • Manufacturing

  • and many more!

Odoo and we think the business software should cover complex business needs without being complicated. Odoo's mission is to provide software that is intuitive, full-featured, tightly integrated, effortless to upgrade, all while running smoothly for every business, every user. Our mission is to deliver momentum to your potential. 



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A unique value

Is everything you need

Odoo's family of apps work seamlessly together - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - singe modular solution, online, and accessible from anywhere with any device.

The open source model of Odoo has allowed us to leverage thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years.

With a strong technical foundation, Odoo's framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all apps.

Usability improvements made to Odoo will be automatically applied to all of our fully integrated apps.

That way, Odoo evolves much faster than any other solution.

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50 000+ organisations

Run Odoo to grow their business

Odoo's top-notch strategic solutions can be integrated in a vast variety of small and large businesses, such include:

  • Non-profit, Charities

  • Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Small business

  • Startup

  • Large Multi-national Organisations

Some of Odoo's proud clients include Danone, Hyundai, Toyota, Cox etc. Odoo is also loved by thousands of small businesses which already benefit massively with the solutions we can provide.

Join us today and discover the best solution for your company.